We are Soft Femme.

We are Idalisse Sepúlveda and Pamela Reynoso, partners in business and in life. Idalisse is a Puerto Rican illustrator and graphic designer whose creations you'll be wearing. Pamela is a Dominican social media strategist and photographer who hopes to bring some beauty to your timeline. Together, we're Soft Femme, a Brooklyn-based company that values vulnerability, emotions, and earnestness. While our patriarchal society forces us to be hard, we know that all femmes also need the room to be soft. Because softness is our driving force, we're using it to guide what we do here.

We hope you enjoy Soft Femme, a brand we have poured our everything into. By supporting us, you'll be supporting our dream of starting a life together and becoming first-time mamis. All proceeds will go toward fertility treatments and finding a donor. As we embark on this new, exciting, and kind of scary chapter of our lives, we hope you'll be a part of it, too.